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IJ Founder Taina Vargas-Edmond Wins Leading Edge Fellowship

Initiate Justice

Our mission is to end mass incarceration by activating the power of the people it has directly impacted. We organize both inside and outside of prisons, training our members and their families to advocate for their well-being and change criminal justice policy in California. We are 11,500 incarcerated members, 120 inside organizers, outside organizers in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and 100% led by people directly impacted by incarceration.

Featured Campaigns

“Free the Vote Act” – Voting Rights for People on Parole (ACA 6)

Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 6, the Free the Vote Act, would restore voting rights to every person on parole in California. Learn more on our ACA 6 page.

Announcing the Institute of Impacted Leaders

Initiate Justice has received a 3-year grant to launch the Institute of Impacted Leaders, which will develop the community organizing and policy advocacy skills of people impacted by incarceration, inside and outside of prisons, through in-depth, in-person trainings. Learn more about the Institute of Impacted Leaders.

Eliminating Copayments for Medical & Dental Services (AB 45)

Assembly Bill 45 would eliminate medical and dental copayments for people inside of California prisons and jails. Learn more on our AB 45 page.

Parole Re-Integration Credits (AB 277)

Assembly Bill 277 would create a credit-earning system for people on parole, similar to Proposition 57, for successfully completing educational programs, vocational programs, participating in non-court order substance use treatment, and performing community service. Learn more on our AB 277 page.

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