Facilitated by Sarah, Initiate Justice’s Statewide Advocacy Coordinator. Abolition Corner meets the 4th Tuesday of every month on Zoom. RSVP here.

Abolition Corner is space to unpack, discuss, and work through aspects of abolition together. Our sessions are based on a topic or theme from Initiate Justice’s podcast, Abolition is for Everybody, but there is no expectation or need to listen to the podcast in advance.

Initiate Justice is committed to creating and holding space for everyone looking for a community capable of having friendly chats about abolition, and understands that being personally affected by incarceration brings a different and important perspective.

We’re in this together.

Next Session

Next session we’ll share how our journeys as abolitionists began, what we struggle with and what we hope to learn or gain from being in community together. This session follows the release of the Abolition is for Everybody pilot episode, where Taina and co-hosts Ra and Lee discuss some of these same questions.