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Latest Update on Proposition 57:

On Nov. 29, CDCR released the long-awaited, final draft of the Prop 57 Regulations. Initiate Justice met with CDCR Secretary Scott Kernan personally, where he told us that they received 41,000 comments from more than 12,000 individuals, and that most of the comments asked for credit earning to be made retroactive, for Third Strikers to be included in non-violent early parole consideration, and credits to come off of people’s Youth Offender Parole Dates.

Despite this incredible outpouring of support from the community, CDCR is NOT planning on making any of those recommended changes. Rather, they are making small, technical, and clarifying changes such as allowing people in prison to re-take certain Milestone eligible programs and clarifying that people in Administrative Segregation and the SHU are eligible for credit earning (unless they have other restrictions). The full text of the updated regulations can be read here.

We will continue to fight!

Initiate Justice is going to continue to work to build the power of people in prison and their loved ones. Breaking down this oppressive system will not happen overnight, and it will only happen when the people most impacted by incarceration stand up and stand together!

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Introducing a New Ballot Initiative:

We are proud to introduce the Voting Restoration and Democracy Act, which we hope to get onto the November 2018 ballot. We believe that the right to democracy should not be taken away from our incarcerated friends and family. Please help spread the word!

Read about our proposed ballot initiative here!