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MLK, Jr. Guided Meditation

Join us in community by honoring MLK Jr– as well as all those who came before us, those beside us, those who are waiting to come home, and yourself by joining us to go inward.

Did you know?

Meditation is scientifically proven to decrease stress and anxiety, enhances self awareness, lengthens memory and attention, can generate self-love and kindness, and support with physical pain.  Meditation benefits your mental  and emotional well-being and overall, health. These benefits continue with you even after you are meditating.

Optional event preparation:

– You are invited to lay down for the duration of the meditation so find a comfy spot. Maybe your bed, couch, or yoga mat.

– Get comfortable with a blanket, pillow under your knees (to support your lower back), and/or eye mask.

– Create your space by lighting a candle, or incense.


Jan 17 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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