Inside Membership

Inside Members are currently incarcerated peoples who have signed up (or been signed up by a loved one) to receive our quarterly updates through The Inside Journal. The Inside Journal provides opportunities for power-building by notifying members about opportunities to write letters of support to our legislators, create art for cause, and keep them up to date on bills that materially effect their lives inside.

Inside Members are also welcome to write our offices with questions about our legislation, and are asked on occasion to participate in surveys that affect decisions on bills we carry or support.

Our Inside Members represent around half of the California prison population.

  • To sign up your loved one, please use this form: Sign Up an Inside Member.
  • To volunteer to help enter names of those interested in becoming Inside Members, or to help respond to their letters, please check out our volunteer opportunities page: Volunteer!
  • To join the Inside Membership committee and help create content for The Inside Journal, or be involved in other projects that uplift our Inside Members, attend (a monthly meeting? a committee meeting- can those be publicly announced?)
Click to read the most recent edition of The Inside Journal
Click to read a Thank You note from our Inside Member, name last initial

Notes :

  • Top images maybe: A picture from an inside visit, and two pieces of art? Bottom two pictures – The Inside Journal and the letter
  • Incorporate stats. 35% of our membership has been incarcerated since before the year 2000.
  • Maybe a FAQ, like: why do the #s go up and down, do you give legal advice, can they report on what’s happening in the prisons. Inside Organizer vs Member.