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In 2018, Initiate Justice was proud to co-sponsor two legislative bills: SB 1437 (repeal felony murder rule) and AB 1940 (parole reintegration credits).

SB 1437: introduced by Senator Skinner and Senator Anderson, is a follow up to SCR 48 and limits the felony murder rule. This bill says that a person is liable for murder only if “1) The person personally committed the homicidal act, 2) The person acted with premeditated intent to aid and abet an act wherein a death would occur, or 3) The person was a major participant in the underlying felony and acted with reckless indifference to human life.” This bill unfortunately does not apply to people with “special circumstances” because that would require a 2/3 majority vote.

SB 1437 passed on 8/30/18 in the CA Senate with a 27-10 vote. The bill will go into effect January 1st, 2019, and is retroactive! This bill was Initiate Justice’s first co-sponsored bill to pass, and we are extremely proud that we were able to fight to make this bill retroactive for our members unfairly affected by the felony murder rule.

AB 1940: introduced by Assemblymember McCarty and Senator Stone, would have created a program where the length of a person’s term of parole may be reduced through the successful completion of certain education, training, or treatment programs, and by participating in volunteer service. The bill would have also increased the 50-mile travel restriction for a person on parole who successfully participates in the program. For more information about this bill, you can review this Fact Sheet

AB 1940 failed to pass on 5/31/18 on the CA Assembly Floor with a 35-35 vote. We are working with Assemblymember McCarty to reintroduce a similar bill in 2019, so stay tuned!

You can support these bills by contacting your CA State Representatives and asking them to vote YES, or thank them for voting YES when a bill we support passes! Find you CA State Representatives here: