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The Institute of Impacted Leaders

This video recaps the first cohort of the Institute of Impacted Leaders, a 12-week leadership training program for people impacted by mass incarceration. The first cohort graduated 22 organizers in Los Angeles on June 26th, 2019.

“Democracy Needs Everyone” Report Launch

On March 1st, 2019 in Los Angeles, we launched our “Democracy Needs Everyone” Report to share the voices and opinions of people affected by voter disenfranchisement.

LA Times on Eliminating Prison Copays (AB 45)

This LA Times article discusses AB 45, a bill we are co-sponsoring to end copays in CA state prison and local jails. Initiate Justice Inside Organizer David “Jazz” Brown was interviewed for the story.

“If I Could Vote”

“If I Could Vote” uplifts the voices of Initiate Justice organizers, in prison and on parole, who have visions to improve our communities, but are denied the fundamental right to vote. Produced by Awake Storytelling.

“The Feminist on Cellblock Y”

“The Feminist On Cellblock Y” is a documentary profiling Initiate Justice’s co-founder Richard Edmond-Vargas as the facilitator of Success Stories, a program inside prison fighting patriarchy and toxic masculinity. Produced by CNN.

 “The Voting Restoration and Democracy Act”

This video profiles Initiate Justice’s 2018 Ballot Initiative Campaign to restore voting rights to the 162,000 California citizens who are denied the right to vote. Produced by Awake Storytelling.