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Antoinette Ratcliffe

Outside Organizing Director

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Antoinette graduated from CSU Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and used her organizational background to help develop small businesses in her community. She joined Initiate Justice in 2019, and graduated from the Institute of Impacted Leaders the same year. Antoinette established Family Beyond the Gates – a non-profit dedicated to providing incarcerated people and their families access to resources and support that improve their quality of life. Antoinette‘s passion for prison abolition and community development stems from lived experiences, as she fights for the freedom of her three loved ones currently incarcerated in CA prisons.

Committee Co-Lead: Outside Membership

Institute of Impacted Leaders Facilitation: Inland Empire Summer 2020, Fresno Spring 2021, Santa Barbara Summer 2021

Panels and Engagements: (03/2021) Senator Henry Stern’s Woman of the Year Ceremony, (4/26/21) Social Venture Partners Los Angeles Spotlight Session: Abolition as Community Wellness, (6/25/21) JAC Art for a New Future – “Storytelling for Change” panel, (10/2021) Stanford University course: Black Feminism and Anti-Carceral Resistance / Dr. Rosario, (10/2021) UCLA course: Community Engagement and Social Change, Engaging LA / Dr. Staub, (01/22) Beyond the Bars