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Daisy Chávez

Statewide Advocacy Manager

Daisy Chávez serves as the Statewide Advocacy Manager for Initiate Justice. In this role, she has trained members to effectively advocate and lobby bills co-sponsored by Initiate Justice and overseen legislative visits. In addition to her role at Initiate Justice, she also serves on the city of Anaheim’s Police Review Board, a civilian oversight board for the city’s police department.

Daisy is a graduate of their Institute of Impacted Leaders program, a 12-week course designed to teach organizing and advocacy skills to people who have been impacted by mass incarceration. She has loved ones who have been impacted by the carceral system and advocates for abolition, having experienced the harmful effects of mass incarceration through her loved ones.

Committee Co-Lead: Outside Membership

Panels: (4/26/21) Social Venture Partners Los Angeles Spotlight Session: Abolition as Community Wellness, (6/25/21) JAC Art for a New Future – “Storytelling for Change” panel