The Podcast

Abolition Is For Everybody is a podcast that tackles the sometimes-difficult conversations around prison abolition. Through friendly chats, and conversations with experts, our system-impacted co-hosts explore the history, futures, obstacles, and joys of abolition.

Season 2

To be released January 2022. In this season of Abolition Is For Everybody, we talk about harm– what creates it, what recycles it, and how we can find our way to meaningful means of repair. Episodes will include:

  • Abolition Disrupts Cycles of Violence
  • Abolition Addresses State Violence
  • Abolition Serves Survivors
  • Abolition Addresses Robbery
  • Abolition Addresses Murder/ Manslaughter
  • Abolition Addresses Sexual Assault
  • Abolition Addresses Harms Against Children
  • Abolition Addresses Gun Violence
  • Abolition Addresses Intrafamilial / Domestic Violence
  • Abolition Addresses How Prisons Perpetuate Violence

Season 1

In this season of Abolition is for Everybody, co-hosts, Ra, Taina, and Lee talk about existing foundations of abolition and how they began, and why they are critical for the movement. We meet a few abolitionists who speak honestly about their current dreams and struggles.