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Programming & Credits Bill (AB 3160)

Assembly Bill 3160 (Stone), the Access to Rehabilitative Programs & Credit-Earning Bill, will limit disruptions to rehabilitative programming as much as possible by requiring CDCR to delay non-adverse, non-disciplinary transfers until an incarcerated individual has completed their current programming. In cases where transfers are not preventable, CDCR will be required to seek voluntary transfers and to ensure that people have access to programming in the new facility that is consistent with the programming they were already participating in. Further, this bill will reduce programming barriers caused by lockdowns and program cancellation, and allow individuals to earn milestone credits for work assignments. 

AB 3160 will also address unequal access to the higher credit-earning rate associated with participation in Fire Camp by requiring CDCR to offer the same increased credit-earning potential for in-prison programming. This ensures that people who are older, disabled, or otherwise unsuited for Fire Camp duty will have equal protection, equal justice, and equal opportunity to benefit from programming. 

AB 3160 is co-sponsored by the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Initiate Justice, and Restore Justice.

Visit the California Legislative Information page for AB 3160 to follow this bill.

2/24/20 Update: AB 3160 was introduced on the Assembly floor and is awaiting referral to the Assembly Public Safety Committee

Update: Due to the high demand for COVID-related legislation, this bill has been dropped by its author. We are hopeful to re-try this campaign in the new year.


*Letters of support can be submitted via the California Legislature Position Letter Portal here.

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