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Right now, people are suffering and dying in solitary confinement inside jails, prisons and immigrant detention centers in California. Often these people are young, pregnant, elderly, or in crisis. AB 2632 (Holden), defines solitary confinement as any form of solitary beyond 17 hours inside a cell and works to put clear limits on this largely unregulated, expensive, and ineffective practice. We need comprehensive legislation now.

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Author: Chris Holden (Twitter @ChrisHoldenNews)

Organizations Co-Sponsoring the California Mandela Act : Immigrant Defense Advocates (Twitter @CA4ImmiJustice), NextGen California (Twitter @NextGen_Policy), Disability Rights California (Twitter @DisabilityCA), Initiate Justice (Twitter @InitiateJustice), California Collaborative for Immigrant Justice (Twitter @CCIJustice), Prison Law Office


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The use of solitary confinement in CA prisons, jails, and immigrant detention facilities is out of step with the international community and in direct violation of the Mandela Rules that declare solitary confinement for longer than 15 days is torture. #CAMandelaAct

ID: In Smaller light orange text: One good reason to challenge solitary confinement? In large orange text: It’s Literally Torture .Top corner on orange reads: AB 2632 (Holden) CA Mandela Act on Solitary Confinement. Bottom pane reads: Toolkit >

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 We can’t solitary our way to safety. #CaMandelaAct

ID: In large orange text: Solitary Confinement Must End .Top corner on orange reads: AB 2632 (Holden) CA Mandela Act on Solitary Confinement. Bottom pane reads: Toolkit >
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ID: Top corner says AB 2632 (Holden) CA Mandela Act on Solitary Confinement, written in orange and grey. Quote on muted blue background. ““Our constitution prohibits torture,
and I believe that the use of prolonged solitary is wrong, both morally, and also with respect to the rehabilitation of individuals in jails and prisons. The Mandela Act builds on the decades of work done by detained individuals, activists and organizers to shed light on the darkness that is solitary confinement and allows for constructive alternatives. This bill promotes accountability, safety, and human decency and I hope others will see that too.” – Assemblymember Chris Holden


2/18/22: Press release by Assemblymember Holden: