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Has your loved one received their copy of The Inside Journal, February 2022 yet? Yes | No | Question Does Not Apply To Me

To best support family connections and community empowerment, we are sending this version of The Inside Journal to everyone subscribed to the IJ mailing list, with a few bonus educational links to things we wish we could include in the journals.  It is our hope that this will give loved ones out here, and inside, the connection and resources they need to easily read along with and support each other in policy-changing endeavors. The Inside Journal was mailed February 28th, and we expect it will be received in most prisons by March 14th.

Thank you to the following volunteers for translating or submitting ideas and work: (Gracias a los/as siguientes voluntarios/as por traducir o enviar ideas y trabajos): Tiana M., MJ, Marc C., Melinda N., Caitlin K., Andreya R.G, Serafin S., Mariela B., Crash, Cheri, Melinda L., Scheyla R., Vanessa S., Victor M., Celeste V., Mireya, Rocsana G., Erica R., Nancy G., Mayra M., Javier C., Martiza P.


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