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Nobody benefits from the barriers that make restitution debt difficult to repay. @Scott_Wiener #FreshStartAct #SB1106 Click To Tweet If someone is eligible for record expungement, like our formerly incarcerated-firefighters, having a restitution debt should not stand in their way toward a fresh start. @Scott_Wiener #FreshStartAct #SB1106 Click To Tweet Coming home from prison to debt that prevents you from ever clearing your record isn't a fresh start, it's a false start. Successful re-entry benefits everyone. I support this fair and problem-solving bill. @Scott_Wiener #FreshStartAct #SB1106 Click To Tweet

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It just makes sense. #FreshStartAct

ID: SB 1106 (Wiener). Fresh Start Act. This bill prevents restitution from acting as a barrier to criminal record relief like expungement or record sealing. Expungement or sealing criminal records increases access to employment, education, housing and other social services which support successful re-entry. In the future, we will tackle other areas related to restitution, like ending collateral consequences for people who owe restitution, CDCR garnishment, and finding other ways to provide compensation for crime survivors. Get Involved: