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Thank you for participating in our Week of Wellness, May 8th – May 12th. This fundraiser supports our community of Inside Organizers, made up of 275 incarcerated people throughout California prisons who work to change laws by uplifting incarcerated voices through the state political process.

This year, fundraising efforts contribute to the Inside Organizer appreciation and care packages.  Packages are a huge part of prison life and a big part of our commitment to wellness for our organizers.

A note from Inside Organizer, Clifton M., on the importance of receiving our care packages. Captioning available below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A “package” is a $60 deposit on their Walkenhorst account so they can purchase the essentials that are needed to survive in prison. Through a package, incarcerated people can order hygiene products, food, snacks, books, and things for personal entertainment and enjoyment. 

So far this year, our IO’s have sent in over a thousand support letters for current bills, as well as conducted data-gathering surveys on bill implementation, recorded interviews for supported bills, and participated in documentaries and podcast topics.

“I’m a Senior Inside Organizer with Initiate Justice on a 30 year sentence. What the package allows us to do in ways is to supplement what’s provided at the institution with what is actually needed for a person to stay healthy. In here, health and sanitation are absolutely crucial to one’s well-being. The jobs that are provided to us in here may pay us $0.05 an hour, and this is for hard labor. We are part of what makes the prison go. How are we supposed to purchase hygiene and sanitation items for ourselves when we go to the canteen? A soap may be $0.90. A deodorant may be $3. So if we look at it, the logic and the math is not adding up. And if what they’re providing us is a two ounce bar of soap, it’s almost impossible to wash your hands in the cell with that and then shower with it. That bar’s going to be gone in an instant. To anyone that’s donating out there, that’s pushing for us in here in terms of support and with resources, just get a general understanding of the obstructions and barriers that come into place with us having a sense of health and well-being. If that’s not provided by outside donors like Initiate Justice, or a family member, or someone that’s important, you basically left for dead in here.”