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Welcome home!

We’re so glad you’re here! We hope this page gives you a good place to start when you’re ready! Don’t forget to help us out by letting us know you’re home.


Our monthly meetings happen on Zoom! To join, click here. You’ll be asked for an email address. Our meetings happen the 1st Wednesday of every month general monthly meetings, and you’ll get an email the day of the event.


Reflection is key to a successful re-entry!  We have healing circles specifically for formerly incarcerated people, led by formerly incarcerated people; and men’s circles. Click here to sign up and attend one.


Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter by searching @initiatejustice. We regularly release updates about bills that could impact you.

Just click it?

This is okay, we understand the transition back home can be overwhelming or even scary at times. We do not ask that you advocate immediately with us, but want you to know we are here if questions arise. Navigating back into society can be tough and we have staff, outside organizers and members who have done so in a productive way. These individuals and IJ are here whenever you feel you need support, help navigating reentry or are ready to get involved to help us free more people still incarcerated. 

 Simply showing up to our membership meeting once a month will suffice. This will allow you also to be in community with other members who have experienced incarceration or have family who’s experienced incarceration. Zoom, we know it can be a daunting task and please let us know if you need help setting up or click on this quick video to see how. We also want to note: Our meetings are all on zoom/virtual and if you feel more comfortable having the camera off and listening this is fine. Engagement or speaking in a meeting is not required but we do invite your input. 

Absolutely, IJ’s members are all system impacted either were incarcerated before or have a loved one currently or formerly incarcerated. We invite you to join our monthly member meetings and bring your family/loved one with you. 

Help us out by letting us know you’re home.